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You’ll work with our team of Physicians and Allergy Technicians so they can understand your symptoms, identify potential triggers, help you decrease exposure, and develop custom treatment plans that can help relieve your troublesome allergies. While allergies can’t be cured, our Allergy Technicians can help you drastically improve your quality of life through effective management and the most advanced treatments.

Services We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Allergy Testing
    • Needleless
    • Trees, grasses, weeds, animals, molds, foods
  • Immunotherapy:
    • Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (Shots) – In office or at home, walk in hours available
    • Sublingual treatment (Oral Drops) – Placed under the tongue daily at home
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Monthly Allergy Shot Schedule

FLU SEASON IS HERE! A reminder to our shot patients: we cannot administer allergy shots within 48 hours of a flu shot.

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