Why Choose Us For Hearing Services

///Why Choose Us For Hearing Services
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Why should you purchase your hearing aids from ENT & Allergy of Delaware

  • Our Audiologists and Physicians are highly skilled and trained professionals who will work hard to provide you with the best, most comprehensive care available.
  • We offer the most up to date products available on the market today. Our prices are competitive, and we offer comprehensive service plans and warranties with all of our products.
  • There is no pressure to purchase, and no pressure if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can be confident that we will do our best to meet or exceed your expectations. If we cannot, then we will honor our return policy.
  • Patients who have purchased hearing aids from us in the past will receive a 5 % discount on their next purchase. We appreciate your business and your loyalty.
  • We will always be in contact with our hearing aid wearers to make sure they’re doing well. We schedule you every six months to come back in for a check-up to ensure that you’re hearing optimally.

ENT & Allergy of Delaware is a unique practice.

It offers its patients the collaboration of well-known ENT physicians and highly trained audiologists and support staff. This joint effort provides our patients with an outstanding experience, second to none. Our professional staff of doctors and audiologists work side-by-side to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care and expertise possible.

All of our patients come to us with a unique set of circumstances, symptoms and problems that our staff are highly qualified to address. We offer extensive expertise in the area of hearing loss and hearing aids, providing numerous options to our patients. Our staff knows how to make the best choices for each individual patient, and we don’t give up until everyone is satisfied.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We promise to work closely with you to discover where you are having the most difficulty communicating. Then, we will collaborate with you to determine the best solution to increase your ability to hear and understand in the situations you describe. If that solution includes hearing aids, then we are committed to recommending the technology that:

  • Works best for your level of hearing loss;
  • Complements your lifestyle and,
  • Fits within your budget. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Some patients require a combination of medical/surgical and audiological management to succeed. Because we provide all of these services, no patient is left without a solution.

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Life doesn’t have a replay button. If you don’t hear it the first time you may never hear it again. Call us today. 302-998-0300 Ext 1

Walk-In Hearing Aid Services

Services include:

  • Tubing Changes
  • Battery Door Changes
  • Dead Hearing Aids
  • Other Minor Repairs

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Hearing Aid Classes

ENT & Allergy of Delaware proudly offers an educational program specifically designed for people who wear hearing aids, who are considering getting hearing aids, those who recently got hearing aids for the first time, as well as for the families/friends of those who wear hearing aids.

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Free Hearing Expo

ENT & Allergy of Delaware proudly offers a free hearing expo every month.

  • Learn about hearing loss and the latest hearing technology
  • FREE demonstrations
  • Q&A with the experts
  • Complimentary refreshments and hors d’oeuvres

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